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by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-26

fashion taste furniture: LEM Piston who as specified product of international interior design award 2000, Shin and Tomoko Azumi chair seat show their continuous research of form and function of rigorous attitude. Sculpture leather chairs, stainless steel or ju wood seat can not only rotate, and through the lever to activate the cylinder, can keep the chair from the counter height and position of the bar. Although practicality determines the special chair form, it also creates the visual brightness caused by the gravity illusion of freedom.

1。 Fashion bar chair is Shin and Tomoko Azumi is Italian furniture brand Lapalma ultra modern design. 2. Our fashion bar chair consists of chrome plated stainless steel frame, using the hydraulic piston rod lifting height adjustment. 3. Chair designed to rotate 360 degrees and adjusting the structure of the up and down. 4. Chair have black and white two colors to choose from. 5. Materials for all skin. Jas emperor furniture products to the attention of not only for quality control in the factory, we think that provide customers with excellent service and furniture manufacturing itself is equally important. In order to ensure the customer can get for a long time of jas emperor emperor all high quality products, we set up our own testing center, according to legal standards more stringent standards for product quality monitoring.
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