Experts to teach you how to identify true and false of solid wood furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-09-05

will certainly buy furniture decorate a new house, a lot of people use panel furniture as synonymous with the low end of the furniture. This is a false sense of understanding, a lot of board type furniture is high-grade, and some of the so-called real wood furniture is exactly is a Wolf in sheep's clothing.

solid wood veneered furniture: the market is easy to ignore in prior to the implementation of the 'wood furniture general technical conditions', not many people called solid wood veneered furniture solid wood furniture, it is in the furniture surface visual range, including surface, the structure of the framework is pure real wood ( With unknown miscellaneous wood, for example) Posted solid mumupi, just above the solid wood, Such as teak, northeast China ash and other expensive point solid mumupi) 。 Reporters found that in the market, although this kind of furniture is not much, but strong concealment, many promoters will recommend it as completely real wood furniture to consumer.

advantages: low price

only viewed from the outside, solid wood veneered furniture and there is a difference in the first two kinds of solid wood furniture, but in fact, solid wood veneered furniture base material the lowest cost of material, so the price should be the most cheap relatively. Solid wood veneered furniture lines is the most beautiful, is also more simple fashion design, in solid wood furniture, is the most valuable products.

weakness: the most important process

solid wood veneered furniture is the most exquisite craft, if you don't fine craft, stick a face blister or even fall off easily. When consumer is buying furniture, be sure to ask in detail, and then see stick wood craft whether level off.

identification methods: studied the wood grain scar knot

is not hard to identify the types of 'solid wood furniture'. In general, to show the real wood texture, manufacturers generally just in surface finishing varnish or matte paint.

the sealing side first. All solid wood furniture is made of solid wood, so there is no article sealing side. And then see the wood grain and scar knot.

look from the exterior, solid wood furniture and completely real wood furniture is completely different, there is no sealing side, the natural grain of lumber, handle and colour and lustre and solid wood furniture all the same. However, closely watching the baffle plate, side panel, bottom, or on the top of the material, you will find the grain of wood grain and advocate material is completely different, because in these areas, it USES the cheaper other wood. If is wood combination furniture, although the wood grain is the same, but may not have scar knot

in the cupboard door, mesa, observe carefully, if it is found that wood grain is different, or no scar knot in blind, to be sure, the furniture is solid wood veneered furniture.

name: board type furniture is not low end face and eyes to find a good place to buy

board type furniture form rich

plank furniture is man-made plank can be connected with the base material, use hardware furniture. Common man-made plank has plywood, joinery board, chipboard, medium density fiberboard, etc.

common veneer board type furniture materials have two sub-companies named seaport ( Commonly known as stick wood) , polyester paint, Commonly known as) of the lacquer that bake , wood grain paper ( Commonly known as sticker) , PVC plastic board, etc. After two finishes are normally used for low furniture, and natural wood veneer veneer, piano paint used in high-grade products. Some of the cover board type furniture on the market at present more and more realistic, luster, feel is good, are increasingly process superb piano lacquer that bake, of course the price also is very expensive.

advantage: the appearance of superior

welcome board type furniture is mainly because it has a variety of appearance, novel styles, bright colors, wood clear and not deformation, not cracking, moth-proofing, moderate price advantages has become a new group in the furniture category. Can say board type furniture design changes in the appearance more and more personality. Now most of the modern furniture that sells on the market for this kind of furniture. The combination of board type furniture USES all sorts of metal hardware normally, assemble and disassemble very convenient, the board type furniture with treatment tall precision can disassemble for many times installation.

faults: not environmental protection

the defect of board type furniture is more on not environmental protection, depend on some manufacturers be being produced with the material such as particieboard for instance, and stick a face not the whole package, easy release harmful to human body formaldehyde. Use man-made board production of furniture formaldehyde exceeds bid, can cause indoor environment pollution. Consumers should pay attention to when buy, can open cupboard door or drawer smell, if have the exciting taste of intense, belong to formaldehyde to exceed bid more, unfavorable buy.

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