European style living room sofa setting wall is what material?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-25

now people economic conditions has been greatly improved, so they has higher requirement for house decoration, 'many people admire European romantic feelings, want to go abroad to Europe, but money is not enough. So when they are in the process of decorating the house on the main European decorate a style, a lot of people want to know. The following will introduce you to European sitting room sofa setting wall is what material? European living room sofa background wall hangs a picture skill? European style living room sofa setting wall is what material?

, stone, when decorating, the need of the flavor of nature more and more. Natural texture, colour nature of natural form, give us an answer. Use in any adornment style, common in the design of the atmosphere. Artificial culture stone is a kind of new stone material, using natural stone processing, more sound insulation, flame retardant, etc.

2, glass, metal, glass, metal materials made of sofa setting wall, can bring strong contemporary sense to the bedroom, in recent years, there are many good effect of decorative glass, such as treatment, paint glass, metal, glass, carved glass, etc. , can be very good use of to sofa setting wall, the cost compared with stone material, the relative is not high, but the construction difficulty is higher.

3, paint, wall art paint is a kind of brand-new metope adornment coating, it through the special coating process, special mold, on the wall to make different style texture, texture, pattern, and have a magical effect of refractive mapping, is the collection of latex paint and wallpaper the advantage of high-tech products. Including painting, art wall art paint spraying and new concept. Spray paint, art color fluctuates myriad, the visual sense is very strong, strong plasticity, low cost, no independent construction, do you like any color, paint, painting art can help you achieve.

ou sitting room sofa background wall hangs a picture skills? First of all, our view is a point location, into the house adornment line of sight of a point is the right place, so you don't feel very empty on the wall in the home, timing change hang a picture at the same time, can also continuously create a freshness to the bedroom.

second, home put abstract painting also will be a good choice, enhance sense of modern style home decoration abstract assembly on a simple abstract painting, can have the effect of room to improve. Adornment corner to change the line of sight direction in modern design, many designers like the adornment picture is put in the corner, such as two sitting room metope Angle of 90 degrees. Corner adornment picture is not very strict to the requirement of space, can give a person a kind of comfortable feeling.

on both sides of the corner hang a picture on the wall, to form the wall L combination, this asymmetry beauty can increase the appeal of the layout, make indoor also won't have cabined feeling. When we look at the contents of the above, we know the European sitting room sofa setting wall is what material? European living room sofa background wall hangs a picture skill? For European sitting room sofa background wall chooses materials have to go to regular stores to buy, so that can ensure the quality of the material in the future will be safer, in use process in addition to hang a picture, also need to choose a few different types, so that can more embody the Europe type style.

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