European rural sofa?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-19

when people in soft outfit furniture sofa of choose and buy, some people will be more concerned about how European rural sofa, in order to have a knowledge of European rural sofa, so as to decide whether to buy European rural sofa. Since we want to know how European rural sofa, then the next small make up to introduce European rural sofa in terms of some details.

how European rural sofa:

1, most of the European rural style sofa materials, pure real wood is more commonly as the framework, and then white paint. In addition to the more commonly used fully cloth art sofa, the sofa is not around the corner, give priority to with two and three, design with flowers and plants is given priority to, more colors are more elegant, the shallow grain with wooden tea table; Noted that if the house decorate compare flowery words, that it can also be with pure article wooden chair, brush again on white paint, more can reflect the pastoral nature and harmony.

2, some European rural sofa design curl of curved lines and intricate carving fine grain, have put another elegant life in the countryside, ying ying to show it, leaving ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings. Round sofa a languid is lazy and comfortable feeling is self-evident, unstoppable, stir in the noble and leisure to make days more flavor.

3, European rural sofa on performance of nature, but different field has different nature, which is derived from a variety of style, Chinese style, European style, and even the rural amorous feelings of South Asia, each have each characteristic, each have each beautiful. European pastoral sofa emphasizes the luxuriant adornment, strong colors, beautiful modelling reach elegant adornment effect. Rural sofa on performance of nature is the main characteristic of European pastoral style, European style rural style in the performance of nature at the same time stressed the romance and the characteristics of modern pop.

4, European rural sofa usually also has a wide, heavy furniture. In the match on European sitting room at the top of the large lamp pool, beautiful chandelier build atmosphere with China. And collocation of doors and Windows more than half of circular arc form, with the pattern of gesso line edge. Into the mouth turned up two more luxurious hall Roman column, the interior is true or false fireplace modelling fireplace. Metope with wallpaper, or choose emulsioni paint, in order to foil effect of luxury. The ground material with stone or floor is preferred. If in the Roman shade with romantic, beautiful paintings, well-made sculpture handicraft, the overall effect is better.

this is the small make up to bring us for European rural sofa how related reference content are introduced. After introducing the believe everyone watching these for European rural how should know something about the sofa. Here small make up remind everybody, also need to know when buying sofa sofa of choose and buy skills, this will help you to good quality and practical of choose and buy of sofa.

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