European features what contracted style furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-26

Europe type style initially because of the heavy and complicated and costly loved by the people, later due to the needs of society, developed in European style. Jane ou feng more popular among people in modern society. But Jane Europe and classical European home have what differentiation? Contracted furniture of Europe type style characteristics? What are those? Characteristics of

a: attention to detail, simplified not simple

the traditional European furniture is crafted, especially from the Renaissance began to rise the rococo style of the complicated characteristic of the Europe type furniture play to the extreme. With the development of the society, this kind of style because reduce furniture is practical and is gradually replaced by European contracted style furniture. But European contracted style furniture still attaches great importance to the details, although a lot of the complex pattern of simplified on furniture, but the production process is not simple.

features two: emphasis on comfort and optional

bedding: choose soft cloth art the hammock, make whole room appears very sweet and romantic; ( Small make up really worry about such a style will not lead to day TianLai bed! ) :

chest as large size and the classic European style, line is concise than traditional european-style wardrobe, multifarious pattern carve to simplify;

adornment: on the bedside table with same simple is not simple desk lamp, on the chest of drawers decoration full of warm family frame, romantic fragrance of flowers, strewn at random in the carpet of warm pillow, natural color curtain for European contracted style furniture such as a bonus.

features three: stereo feeling and changeability

when European contracted style furniture design emphasizes more stereo feeling, in the furniture surface will have certain bump the design of the ups and downs, to the household space that is in the arrangement of European contracted style, has a form of administrative levels feeling and space changes of continuity. Contracted style

Europe type furniture because usually pay attention to comfort and volume is larger, suitable for the household space with larger area, if room area is lesser, choose European contracted style furniture will appear household space more narrow, crowded.

this style of simplification is evolved by the classic European style, and joined the modern style, more suitable for nowadays people's needs. If you like the Europe type style, also don't like heavy and complicated, consider European contracted style furniture.

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