European contracted style furniture?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-29

European contracted style furniture. European contracted style furniture is in line with European classical style furniture, with American style has the same effect. European contracted style furniture pursuit of comfort and practicality, the classic Europe type is the adornment of heavy and complicated simplified, more human, and the contemporary, outlining below small make up with you:

features a: attention to detail, simplified not simple

the traditional European furniture is crafted, especially since the Renaissance of the rococo style will be the heavy and complicated of Europe type furniture decoration to an extreme. With the development of the era, this kind of style for obstructing the usability of the furniture but is gradually replaced by a European contracted style furniture. But the furniture of Europe type contracted style still very seriously on the details, although many complicated pattern of simplified on furniture, but the production process is not simple.

features two: emphasis on comfort and optional

bedding: choose soft cloth art the hammock, make whole room appears very sweet romance. :

chest as large size and the classic European style, line than traditional european-style wardrobe concise, decorative pattern carve tended to be simplified, with modern fashion elements;

features three: stereo feeling and changeability

when European contracted furniture design emphasizes more stereo feeling, have certain bump ups and downs in the furniture surface design, decorate in European contracted style of the space, have administrative levels feeling of the space continuity and shape changes. Usually larger because of emphasis on comfort, suitable for the household space with larger area, if room area is lesser, choose European contracted style furniture will appear more cramped space.

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