Europe type sofa size is three people?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-26

with the diversified development of culture, people more and more like the foreign furniture styles, he said Europe type sofa. Europe type sofa is beautiful, there is a royal expensive gas. Has always been loved by the consumers, so that what is the size of the 3 Europe type sofa? A little bit small living room can be put down! Actually this question is simple, the size of the below small make up to introduce you to it! European leather leather sofa gives person's feeling is just the embodiment of taste, when buying Europe type sofa leather three people should not only see three sofa size also pay attention to how to choose.

in addition to the first appearance give a person a kind of soft and comfortable feeling; Then is to see whether the leather sofa fit tight, no fold defects; Up and give it a try and then do a package of elasticity, and feel the sofa back stretch and sit feeling, have natural body relax, observe leather stitching part again, go line whether neat; Second is to see the foot sofa, look to whether solid, bearing quality is good. After the size, average European leather sofa size is 2160 mm long, three high 800 mm and 1030 mm wide. European classical European classical tradition is the art of European classic furniture, sofa has the original majestic demeanor. Small make up understand the Asia hardwood make sofa frame, good hardness strong, long service life. With real wood frame sofa requires more manpower material resources, so also more exalted. Single person sofa size 1370 * 1040 * 1130 mm, double sofa size: 1820 * 1040 * 1130 mm, three sofa size: 2300 * 1040 * 1130 mm. European palace of pure manual carve patterns or designs on woodwork class to create a luxurious tastes, 20 years of experience craftsman handiwork carve, fine closely to dozens of working procedure, quality birch material selection, lifelike carve patterns or designs on woodwork, noble trace silver craft, make the sofa more exalted and clinking; 15 degree Angle of tilt, sofa to completely joint human body back, retainer neck, perfect rely on, give you fully relaxed enjoyment. The European court single person sofa size is 1270 * 1080 * 1270 mm, double sofa size 1700 * 1080 * 1270 mm, three sofa size is 2430 * 1080 * 1270 mm, the size of manual measurement, with minor error. European pastoral pure and fresh and pastoral pattern, added a simple but elegant for high atmospheric modelling simple sense, put down are all tired of the neon lights, in a quiet mind calmly and product caused the stomach! Select (seiko makes, master solid wood, natural environmental protection, strong strong; The top comfortable cloth, soft skin, permeability is strong, wear-resisting degree good, long service life; Straightforward and do not break aesthetic design, show the general pastoral style. Europe type sofa, three rural style sofa size is 2410 * 980 * 1190 mm long. Why luxury classic sofa of popularity? In recent years, the European decorate a style to become more and more people pursuit of taste life choices, if not the whole Europe type, some families also like to buy two models with different region amorous feelings of the furniture in the home. However, due to European furniture appearance characteristics significantly, to big to the space layout, small to wallpaper, droplight, adornment collocation have high requirements, such as dharma master is less than the owner easily fall in 'no soil, ocean is not the' embarrassing situation. Europe type furniture is one of the important elements of European classical style decoration, furniture in the style of Italy, France and Spain as the main representative. The continuation of the 17th century to the 19th century the characteristics of the royal family furniture, exquisite handmade fine cutting, carving contour and turning part is composed of symmetrical and rich rhythm curve or surface, and decorative plating copper, simple structure, smooth lines, colors, strong sense of art, give a person's overall feeling is showily elegance, is very solemn.

the dimensions of the 3 Europe type sofa, you already know, small make up also told the above will be of important reasons why Europe type sofa. In fact Europe type sofa, though beautiful, but you must choose a good brand when buy, can have a good quality good sofa equally beautiful appearance.

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