Europe type sofa size have?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-22

luxury classic sofa design contains a lot of Europe amorous feelings, always give a person a kind of relatively unique taste, different Europe type sofa collocation, of course, the flavor is different, how to choose their own favorite Europe type sofa? So, today we will introduce for you what are the size of Europe type sofa? Europe type sofa of choose and buy? Below, and see it together.

a, Europe type sofa size

general size, Europe type sofa because of its style and the style is changeable, so it is difficult to have a standard size, only some general average size.

1, the armrest of Europe type sofa is general tall 560 - 600mm。

2, single type: length: 800 - 950 mm, the depth: 850 - 900mm; High: 350 420mm; Back high: 700 - 900mm。

3, two-men type: length: 1260 - 1500mm; Depth: 800 900mm。

4, three type: length: 1750 - 1960毫米; Depth: 800 900mm。

5, four type: length: 2320 - 2520毫米; The depth of the 800 - 900mm。 Second, how Europe type sofa of choose and buy 1, according to the home of the number of how many to choose from. Generally less people in the home can choose Europe type cloth art sofa, look up more sweet and comfortable, there is a sense of ease; If more people in the home, can choose sofa combination, give a person a kind of feeling of orderly, more a sense of belonging.

2 and see what kind of style you like. General Europe type sofa, although with some European flavor, but also there is no lack of fresh, fashionable, inside collect, atmospheric and different style of sofa, the young or can choose to fashion a little pure and fresh and some simple furniture, more relaxed atmosphere; Atmosphere, inside collect some luxury classic sofa is suitable for a stable personality, or like the artistic conception of a friend.

3, it is important to pay attention to detail. Sometimes the approximately two sofa, but details of differences will lead to different price. The details of the Europe type sofa of choose and buy is very important, in general, the more elaborate details of sofa, the higher the price, also can reveal elegant taste, also can reflect the host's taste, so at the time of Europe type sofa of choose and buy must not forget the details.

4, fabric texture nots allow to ignore. When selecting a Europe type sofa is important to note, the overall sense is very important, if the fabric and texture difference, the overall effect will be counterproductive, take out elegant feeling, not only affects the whole household environment. Above is our today to introduce what are the size of Europe type sofa, and how Europe type sofa of choose and buy, hope to help you. Let you to the satisfaction of Europe type sofa of choose and buy.

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