Europe type sofa set?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-22

Europe type sofa put bearing has exquisite, Europe type sofa is better put in geely position of the housing, can benefit from its prosperous gas a, old and young. If fault in kyrgyzstan, a young and old are likely to suffer the harm, no peace; luxury classic sofa of pendulum method with one arm stretched out on each side advisable, symbol or so protected. So what Europe type sofa set, the origin of luxury classic sofa, and see it.

how luxury classic sofa set:

1, have to rely on so-called, refers to the backer, is refers to the Europe type sofa after solid wall, no trouble back at home, so you agree with the way of feng shui. If Europe type sofa is back, the door window or aisle, with no solid wall, and then on the back so no backer, empty, showed the bureau of powder leakage, hard to save gas. From the aspects of modern thought, Europe type sofa is not depend on the back, shortage of security, always has the feeling of the attack on the back, rather than more comfortable back against the wall. Alternative method is to put short ark or screen after that, by artificial backer to cover.

2, Europe type sofa is directly above if have cross beam, this is due to beam coping, sitting and I the great influence, should try to prevent. Method a is in adornment of flexible package in the beams. The second is on the tea table on both sides of the Europe type sofa, put two POTS kaiyun bamboo, to bear capping beam.

the origin of Europe type sofa:

1, in recent years, increasingly seek European adornment style taste the day people choose, if not the whole Europe type, some families also like to buy two models with different region amorous feelings of the furniture in the home. However, due to European furniture appearance characteristics significantly, to big to the space layout, small to the wallpaper, the deployment of droplight, decoration and so on all have higher requirements, can't grasp the practice of the owners don't easily fall in soil soil, the yankees don't the difficult situation.

2, Europe type furniture is one of the important elements of European classical style decoration, furniture in the style of Italy, France and Spain as the chief representative. The continuation of the 17th century to the 19th century royal family furniture characteristics, exquisite manual precision cut and polished, generalization and connecting part is composed of symmetrical and endowed with rhythm curve or surface, and decorative plating copper, concise structure, flow lines, colors, strong sense of art, give a person's overall feeling is showily elegance, is very serious.

3, from the perspective of construction environment, Europe type furniture or seek grave, emphasize rational harmonic halcyon, either seek romantic decorative, the boundless dream for irrational, endowed with drama and passion, no matter in the bag yesterday is still now, it is a sign of honorable days.

that's small make up to tell you about how Europe type sofa set all knowledge, and the origins of Europe type sofa of Europe type sofa is put, if you tell the big, big can put aside the metaphysics, we can easy to do this, you are in the room with your heart feel how decoration will make you more comfortable, more natural pendulum as related consideration is sunshine, air and water, convenience, etc.

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