Europe type sofa of disassembly steps is what?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-20

after when we decorate the house will start to buy furniture, furniture is included in the sofa bed is indispensable, so before we buy to do a understand this knowledge, it can make a choice, first of all, need everyone to look at the disassembly steps of Europe type sofa is what, then, we need to know about sofa cover what are all the small details, let's take a look at the relevant knowledge.

luxury classic sofa of disassembly steps

Europe type sofa of disassembly steps to open the sofa cushions for cloth coat zipper. ( Found that the high elastic sponge inside the cloth coat stretched sacks bulging at the seams, try to dig the cloth coat down, only to find that soft and high elastic sponge bottom stuck the two ends of the cloth coat zipper, slightly pulled to pull, sponge edge horn is easy to damage. ) Fold sofa cushions, folded after slightly forcibly hold, don't let go, or mat will automatically back flat state, because inside the mat is high elastic sponge, elasticity is dye-in-the-wood. To split the set of cloth to pull out the inside of the mat, this set of cloth are suddenly seem easy, instead of by sponge supports the appearance of the packing. With one hand continue to seize the folded the sponge is not relaxed, one hand easily cloth to pull down his coat.

ten minutes or so, take a three cushion of the sofa coat, back of a chair of all coat to tear open come down to three. Can take to be cleaned. The cloth coat thrown into the washing machine to start washing. Can also be washed by hand, so long as people often enough. Machine wash finished, after the cloth coat to dry, then in the pads, put back to the sofa. ( The propeller-heads to put the sea pads on the cloth coat, the sponge can be folded in half to first, combined with cloth coat, and then let go off flat cloth coat, pull zipper) Sofa cover: one of the small details details of interface to switch to easy to tear open outfit of accessories.

careful whether you find, unreasonable design of sofa cover, tear open outfit is very trouble. Sofa cover design to snap button, elastic rope, fastening belt, zipper, commonly used on clothing accessories, design more human, more easy to tear open outfit, thoroughly solved before sofa cover cannot be used after cleaning. Detail # 2: to solve shrinkage problem. Sofa cover shrink the maddening, actually fabric from fabric mill has certain shrink, clothing will be reserved in the production of water, pillow after cleaning to the ideal size!

but the process on the sofa suit cannot directly apply, because sofa suits set on the sofa body size to fit the dimensions of guarantee, after, after cleaning can still maintain the original state, so after choosing appropriate fabric, shrink processing there are two ways: one: a small amount of can be directly used for household washing machine to dry; 2: large amount of industrial washing machine washing and drying can be used. After read this article in detail, we already know what is the disassembly steps of luxury classic sofa, aimed at the problem above have write the detailed steps for everyone to come out, first of all, must want to have a look at their own home before disassembly buy is genuine leather sofa and cloth art sofa, then refer to step down in the article, at the same time, also know what is the sofa cover small details.

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