Europe type sofa of choose and buy skills and use?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-25

along with the development of the decoration market, most of the furniture has its own style, so that we can according to the family decorates a style to select appropriate furniture, let whole home decoration looks more harmonious, looking at very comfortable, let alone live there. So today we want to get to know about European furniture pictures of sofa of choose and buy skills and use luxury classic sofa is the note issue.

luxury classic sofa of choose and buy skills?

1, the sofa, if feel comfortable, touch the color of sofa fabric whether if brightness is new, look have to take off the edge and piercing damage place, pay attention to the sofa and the thickness is uniform, ever leak leakage nail fabric joint, have exposed parts without burrs, sharp corners.

2, see the style, the style of Europe type furniture from mainly divided into European rural furniture, European classic furniture, European style garden furniture pursuit of return to nature, color is given priority to with white, complementary with pattern or the ornament of provisions, are vividly characterizes rural qi. The European classical furniture is more a continuation of the European court of aristocratic breath, colour is strong, high-grade modelling style, noble and elegant.

3, height refers to the up and down sofa from the ground to the sofa in the distance, refers to the high ground to the seating chart below. Europe and the United States who is tall, big style sofa will be high in between 430-470 - mm height, Asian figure is relatively small, height between 400-450 - mm comfortable sofa. As to the total high, want to combine the design of the sofa, don't change it. Jin Kaisha Europe type sofa is both European furniture atmospheric modelling, but also fully consider the shape characteristics of asians, artistic quality and comfort on the design, is a living room sofa.

Europe type sofa use notice:

1, the use of sofa should be placed on the flat ground, and every Angle should be put at the bottom of the sofa cushion, this can place sofa damage while moving the floor.

2. If it is a leather sofa, so before use, can use the sofa dedicated care agent to wipe, not easy to use waxy care agent; Wipe the sofa before using surface can form a layer of protective film, it is not easy to make use in the future when the dirt deep dermal pore, easier to clean.

3, can't jump on the sofa, in order to avoid sofa compression deformation, affect the overall appearance.

4, the placement of sofa is best to avoid direct sunlight place, if can't avoid, you can decorate the curtain of some shading effect is strong, also can cut off time will the position change of sofa, to prevent sunlight, appear off color, etc.

5, daily maintenance, the back of a sofa, railings and over the seat surface cracks in the application of dry soft cloth to wipe, ban with a damp cloth or chemical contact fabrics such as acid, alkali, in order to avoid skin damage, affect the service life. Europe type furniture pictures of sofa of choose and buy skills and use Europe type sofa is the note is introduced here with you, not only to carefully choose sofa, use rise also should pay attention to, and is good for maintenance, only in this way can be use for a long time, after all, is a large furniture sofa, who could not in three days and two head, learn to maintain, that can increase the service life of it.

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