Europe type sofa of choose and buy should pay attention to what matters?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-28

luxury classic sofa of choose and buy note

1, internal sofa sofa should not ignore the inner quality of a ring, the general in sofa of choose and buy when the choose and buy, if you sit alone, pressure pressure is difficult to judge the advantages and disadvantages of sofa. The only way is to take a look at the inside, for some lower no sofa, on the whole package can be flipped over to observe the inside use spring sheet, and the quality of the filler such as sponges to judge the merits of the sofa. Good sofa, asking for the internal spring antirust processing, lumber requirement and not a scar, etc.

2, humanized armrest and back of a chair can expand the scope of services, put tea, small adornment ornament, hand light reading on hold all can meet.

3, sofa cover, must carefully check whether is easy to remove, to facilitate the future in the use of clean.

4, fabric pattern in general, the printing design of thin fabric because of the process is simple and cheap; And design belongs to woven, such as decorative pattern is thick, also more high-grade. When the choose and buy watch carefully the pattern of the fabric is to belong to what kind of situation, from different geographic weave pattern is stereo, not as smooth as printed fabrics. Also, by pure cotton, pure wool knitted fabrics than ordinary rayon fabric class is high.

5, sofa feet some sofa feet is wood, some of them are metal, also some are pulley, the details to check. Mainly to strong, instability, at the foot of the sofa is not comfortable to sit on. Above is the characteristics of small make up to bring us the Europe type sofa, we in the choose and buy of sofa, if you don't know what kind of match sofa of choose and buy our new home, you can try to use a joker style of Europe type sofa, hope small make up to summarize these will bring for you help.

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