Europe type sofa of choose and buy method have?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-26

time is changing, people's aesthetic is becoming more and more fashion, european-style solid wood sofa is very popular with consumers in recent years, many people will first consider when furniture of choose and buy european-style solid wood sofa, price is an important factor when the choose and buy of attention, Europe type sofa of choose and buy again have what skill, then small make up with all of you to introduce what european-style solid wood sofa of choose and buy method.

european-style solid wood sofa of choose and buy method

1. Surely with space style: before buying luxury classic sofa of Europe type sofa and bedroom space first a general concept, style thick, magnificent luxury classic sofa only applies to the bedroom, sitting room of large area such as classical Europe type sofa is atmospheric Europe type sofa is suitable for the number of decorative ohtsubo bedroom, so as to fully show the beauty of classical Europe type sofa, also won't feel the dimensional feeling of oppression in the living room.

2。 Observe the details of sofa: after the whole set, also note the decorative effect of cloth and wood. See if cloth without thread and design desultorily; Solid wood decorative design cohesion in presence of cracks, the surface is flat and level.

3。 Sofa sponge to stretch back stronger.

4。 Choose the right color and fabric: when choosing color, should with the ceiling, wall, ground, door color, the style is unified, foil coordination effect, according to the need to choose to create the ideal effect.

5。 If it is capacious and bright, daylighting is good stateroom, then the color is beautiful beautiful flowers, bright red, big green wait for bright color, squares are applicable, as long as pay attention to it is good to match with the rest of the furniture is tonal, the style is unified;

6。 If there is a color dado or wall in the living room, the sofa is not suitable for choosing gorgeous color, choose plain coloured fabrics will be refined; Like let a sitting room with a classical atmosphere, pick the color deeper monochrome or striped sofa sofa suits; If the sitting room metope is of 4 white be born, choose brunet fabrics can make indoor appear clean quiet, easy and comfortable; If the door is white color, elegant generous, pattern comparison of cloth art sofa is suitable for heavy and complicated.

7。 Sure to select fabrics more supple comfortable to sit on, when the choose and buy to see whether trademark and have national certification of E1, E0 quality certification standards, reputable merchants fabrics can be guaranteed.

that's small make up summarizing the european-style solid wood sofa of choose and buy method about some simple introduction, the hope can help you, let it be in european-style solid wood furniture of choose and buy when there is a reference to know more about european-style solid wood sofa, choose a like Europe type sofa, furniture has a good environment.

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