Europe type sofa of choose and buy

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-21

with the constant improvement of the consciousness of people decorate, household decorates a style consciousness of all kinds, Europe type style is one of the mainstream style sofa is our essential product, the luxury classic sofa is what brand? Today small make up for all the detailed introduce about Europe type sofa brand and Europe type sofa of choose and buy note information, quick with small make up to find out.

Europe type sofa of choose and buy note

1, look line is smooth, natural and graceful. European furniture modelling has a lot of curve or surface, this is the test of furniture factory production levels. Inferior furniture products often seem to be rigid, especially the performance of the classical arc, whirlpool decorative details such as, work are very poor.

2, see whether material. Europe type furniture is an important feature of the world's most prestigious materials well, only good material can embody the sense and spirit. When the choose and buy to ask clear wood texture, but also can take a closer look at from hinge slot and hole drilling. Log content, the higher the quality of timber, the better, like dream treasure in 2009 British impression series furniture as an example, the log content is above 90%, more than the industry standard of 30%.

3, see whether fine craftsmanship. Pay attention to the sealing side have uneven, cock phenomenon; Look at the door of furniture, drawers seam gap, gap, the greater the instructions work, the more coarse, after a long time will deformation; See sculpture, Mosaic part is smooth or not. Now some European furniture on the market of carve patterns or designs on woodwork is used plastic film, little different from appearance, inner very different, small make up recommend owners when the choose and buy more attention to detail, pay attention to the sense of worth, hand-carved wooden parts especially skill and woodworking connecting parts. Europe type furniture of choose and buy time to pay attention to the design is elegant, some inferior furniture of Europe type style, on modelling design is very rigid, especially classical performance of some typical details, such as arc or whirlpool decoration is poor. Relevant information about the attention of luxury classic sofa of choose and buy small make up to introduce here now.

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