Europe type sofa of choose and buy?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-19

annatto furniture of Europe type style features: exquisite noble temperament, decorated with a lot of accessories for furniture, more common decorations include all kinds of embroidered cloth, leather, tassels, rivets, bronze, jade, etc; European furniture prefer bright color or warm color department, multi-purpose gold-plated, silver plated to display high-grade, magnificent, magnificent. Here we introduce how luxury classic sofa of choose and buy for everybody.

how Europe type sofa of choose and buy

1, use a clean soft cloth regularly wipe fabrics sink mark or stains. Back, armrest and seat aperture can use vacuum cleaner at the junction of clutter. It is prohibited to use wet cloth, hard objects or chemicals contact fabrics such as acid, alkali, lest affect the surface quality and life cycle.

2, cow leather surface distribution of pores, like the human body skin care points to maintain dry wet season. Dry season once every two months, clean oil, maintain normal season can be 3-4 months at a time. Surface, wipe with a clean soft cloth sofa leather fabrics available leather cleaner or polish brush surface evenly, later again with a clean soft cloth to wipe clean. Or neutral detergent diluted with warm water ( 1% - 3%) Leading to wipe, wipe the water again to twist dry cleaning fluid, again with dry cloth to polish finally, after being completely dry to use the right amount of leather maintains agent can wipe evenly. Textile fabrics such as cotton, hemp, synthetic fibers, such as for sensitive to acid, should remove the dry cleaning, not washed, bleaching. If found loose thread, do not break with the hand, used scissors cuts in order to smooth.

3, should avoid oily be soiled, flyblown sofa ball-point pen, ink, etc. If gets dirty, should immediately with leather cleaner to clean the sofa, if not leather cleaner, can wipe gently with a clean white towel touchs a few alcohol stains, then use dry wet towel to wipe dry, nursing with protective agent finally. Sanded leather sofa can't use more clean way ( In addition to the leather with oily be soiled) , usable fine copper brush brush wipe gently, restore its beautiful.

today is to introduce the above all the knowledge about how Europe type sofa of choose and buy.

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