Europe type sofa is ok or not?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-25

in recent years, the momentum of Europe type furniture is very advantage. Consumers in luxury classic sofa is the existence of strong curiosity and desire. Europe type cloth art sofa, ok? luxury classic sofa is ok or not?

1。 The modern version. Europe type cloth art sofa feels there is always a feeling of place oneself in the outside world, but prefer to live close to the friend, and I can see the comparison with modern Europe type cloth art sofa.

2。 Rural version. Simple european-style cloth art also has the minimum wen wan's rural style, give a person a kind of place oneself xanadu elegant feeling.

3。 Clear version. Europe type cloth art sofa can also have a kind pure and fresh feeling, the sense that gives a person is very comfortable, have a feeling, the whole family also appear more bright and warm.

4。 It emphasizes rational pursuit of solemn and grand, harmony, peace, the pursuit of gorgeous of romanticism, decorative, or infinite pursuit of irrational fantasy, drama and passion. Usually, the outline of Europe type sofa and various turning part is composed of symmetry, rich rhythm curve or surface, and decorative Mosaic gold-plated copper decorations. Europe type sofa gives a person the integral feeling is very serious, its characteristic is a structure succinct, smooth lines, strong artistic quality, bright colors.

summary: about luxury classic sofa is very not good knowledge is a simple introduction, here small make up want to say is Europe type sofa and sofa in China although there are a lot of difference, but will still have a lot of people choose Europe type cloth art sofa.

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