Europe type sofa is how to determine the size?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-19

for sofa, people at the time of selection, found that the market of the above material and the type and style is more, the sofa of European style, are popular with many people, so for the sofa of European people to choose, should also pay attention to the method, can make people more at ease, and how to determine the Europe type sofa size is also should know.

Europe type sofa? Europe type furniture is often given priority to with white, coffee, yellow, magenta color, mix a small amount of white, the color looks bright, generous, make whole space gives a person with an open and tolerant stature. Europe type furniture especially pays attention to furniture of Europe type style characteristics of concise, clear lines and elegant decoration, plus affected by the traditional arts and crafts, adopt modern advanced technology, makes the European rural furniture looks more natural and graceful atmosphere. European furniture exquisite handmade fine cutting, carving contour and turning part is composed of symmetrical and rich rhythm curve or surface, and decorative plating copper, concise structure, smooth lines, colors, strong sense of art, give a person's overall feeling is showily elegance, is very solemn. Europe type furniture to every detail excellence, the pursuit of luxury in the majesty is elegant, and integrated into the modern design methods, are closer to practical, reveal the traditional European history and profound cultural background. luxury classic sofa is how to determine the size? 1, the depth of the sofa, depth refers to the sofa once upon a time in the future, including back of a chair, sofa before and after the big distance, which is generally the width of all accounts, the depth of deep is to point to in addition to the back of a chair. Due to the design requirements, the depth of the sofa in 800-1000 mm, a 550-700 - mm deep are normal. If the depth is too big, the body is very difficult to rely on to the sofa back; On the other hand, the depth of the sofa is too small, sofa edge lies squarely in the middle of the calf, affect the comfort level.

2, the width of sofa, width refers to the sofa from left to right, two armrest outside great distance, which is generally the length of the sofa, and the width of the seat width refers to remove both sides armrest. These two data determines the sofa can block length, often as to distinguish the single person sofa, the sofa sofa, three standards.

3, the height of the sofa, height is a sofa from the ground to the high fluctuation of the large distance, refers to the high ground to the seating chart below. Europe and the United States who is tall, big style sofa will be high in between 430-470 - mm height, Asian figure is relatively small, height between 400-450 - mm comfortable sofa.

as for the total high, want to combine the design of the sofa, don't change it. Jin Kaisha Europe type sofa is both European furniture atmospheric modelling, but also fully consider the shape characteristics of asians, artistic quality and comfort on the design, is the sitting room sofa. For you to read the text after introduction, people in Europe type sofa should already have a lot of learning and understanding, in fact, no matter choose what kind of sofa, should keep yourself go to regular stores to choose, this value is to let people trust, in addition to Europe type sofa is how to determine the size, must pay attention to the method.

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