Europe type sofa is how to determine the best size?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-21

a lot of people are yearning for European romantic, because feel Europe is good, but they can't get to experience in person, so in the process of decorating the home, can choose the sofa of European style. Because the Europe type sofa is there are a lot of style, so they all want to know, they can help themselves to make the right choice, that the following will introduce Europe type sofa style for you? luxury classic sofa is how to determine the size? Europe type sofa style?

1, 2500 * 1040 * 1050 mm William count three people a Europe type cloth art sofa size compared to larger, more suitable for large bedroom friends. Roll the armrest of flower design, appear the whole sofa round, full of elasticity. Plus do package adopted independent spring, so long-term use is not easy to deformation, but also keeps the fullness of posture.

2, 1900 * 950 * 1120 mm three people a Caesar luxurious european-style cloth art sofa size is more suitable for the standard mass consumer choose and buy. Use effect of the secondary do old sofa, cloth art, high-grade solid wood frame, through professional stylist elaborate design, take you enjoy a new fashionable household life.

luxury classic sofa is how to determine the size?

1, the width is the width of sofa sofa from left to right, two armrest outside great distance, which is generally called the 'length' of sofa, and the width of the seat width refers to remove both sides armrest. These two data determines the sofa can block length, often as to distinguish the single person sofa, the sofa sofa, three standards.

2, sofa height refers to the height of a sofa from the ground to the high fluctuation of the large distance, refers to the high ground to the seating chart below. Europeans and americans are tall, big style sofa will be in the 430 - high 470 mm in height, between Asian figure is relatively small, sofa height - in 400 450 mm between relative comfort. As to the total high, want to combine the design of the sofa, don't change it. Jin Kaisha luxury classic sofa is both European furniture atmospheric modelling, but also fully consider the shape characteristics of asians, artistic quality and comfort on the design, is the sitting room sofa.

3, the depth of the sofa depth refers to the sofa once upon a time in the future, including back of a chair, sofa before and after the big distance, which is generally what people are calling 'width', and the depth of the deep is to point to in addition to the back of a chair. Due to the design requirements, sofa depth - in 800 The 550-1000 mm, deeply 700 mm is normal. If the depth is too big, the body is very difficult to rely on to the sofa back; On the other hand, the depth of the sofa is too small, sofa edge lies squarely in the middle of the calf, affect the comfort level.

when we look at the above text, as most of people should know the Europe type sofa style? Europe type sofa is how to determine the size? Europe type sofa design is more, people can be free to choose, about the size of it, other people must pay attention to, must according to his family's family and area to decide, because only in this way can be better match.

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