Europe type sofa is how to choose?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-24

the furniture of Europe type style especially popular among young people now, many families often when undertaking decorating choice european-style furniture, but to Europe type furniture such as sofa, how much do you know? What is a good brand like luxury classic sofa and Europe type sofa is how to choose, believe there are a lot of people are not particularly clear. In the below small make up will introduce well with everybody.

Europe type sofa is how to choose?

, cloth art sofa - check the sofa of choose and buy a bag of cloth sofa of choose and buy, should also see whether the fabrics of cloth tightly inside filler, whether level off crisp, especially the two armrest and seat, back attaches to the transition nature, without gathers. If it is round and semicircle armrest, see whether smooth smooth, plump and beautiful arc. Flower pattern or grid fabric depends on whether joining together flower shape matching, square whether horizontal even vertical, not tilt or distortion.

sat down to have a try, feel the seat and back Angle or back seat the radian whether waist, back, buttocks and legs bent with four parts apt; Occipital with the height of the back is appropriate, whether the armrests height with natural stretch his arms open normal consistency; Sit feeling is comfortable, whether freely when standing. Stand up and then look at the hips, back and armrest fabric have apparent relaxation and long time cannot restore.

2, cloth art sofa of choose and buy - whether cloth art sofa skeleton solid skeleton of the strong degree of cloth art sofa, the service life of the relationship with the sofa itself and quality guarantee. Specific inspection method is to raise one end of the sofa, part of the lift from the ground 250 px, see if the other side from the ground, if from the ground, skeletal structure is solid. Europe type sofa is how to choose, you know in my heart already? Now on the market of luxury classic sofa is special, so there are a lot of families choose to buy him, cause there are too many luxury classic sofa on the market. Once more, product quality will certainly there is a big difference, I believe you after looking at today's article, understanding of this problem also will be much more.

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