Europe type sofa in where?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-24

with the development of various countries, many foreign furniture is to enter the Chinese market, now in the market began to have a variety of decorate a style, such as European style, the Mediterranean style, American style, etc. , and the furniture of different decorate a style collocation is not the same, if need to match the furniture of Europe type style of Europe type style. Next, we came to know luxury classic sofa is good?

luxury classic sofa is good?

one, Europe type sofa, just as its name implies is the sofa of European style, STVILLA Seth d that in Britain, Italy, SILK SILK import brands such as represented. Europe type sofa is the granddaddy of sofa, is from the 17th century French. Due to the salon salon (at that time In French general meaning for the large living room, and especially in high-class residential luxury saloon and gradually after referring to a appreciate art crystallization at the same time, to talk about art, play CARDS and chat) The emergence of a canape called 'and' divan 'chair, also is the precursor of the modern sofa appeared. Was mainly use horsehair sofa, poultry feathers, natural elasticity materials as fillers, such as plant fluff with velvet, embroidery and other fabric masked, outside of the human body to form a soft contact surface.

2, of primitive simplicity and elegant Europe type sofa, not only are you tired after a nap, dreaming of leisure good place, can skillfully use it to decorate your bedroom, bring your warm harbor of primitive simplicity simple and noble and romantic amorous feelings. Classic Europe type sofa, sunshine scattered on the floor, and every detail of the fusion gives a person the feeling of a kind of quality, although feel thick, but was not a bit depressed, as if a group of lithe and graceful the LeDian like bells, ringing in the ears, and as if the west's famous 'green sleeves', woodwind duos echoed on the beam for a long time refused to disperse.

3, the symbol of Europe type sofa is a kind of grade. It emphasizes rational pursuit of solemn and grand, harmony, peace, the pursuit of gorgeous of romanticism, decorative, or infinite pursuit of irrational fantasy, drama and passion. Usually, the outline of Europe type sofa and various turning part is composed of symmetry, rich rhythm curve or surface, and decorative Mosaic gold-plated copper decorations. Sofa in the living in the life indispensable do a furniture, have been few innovation, brings to the consumer is more comfortable sofa. Europe type sofa is very popular now, whether Europe type style to decorate household, like the European style sofa. Buy sofa should not only notice the sofa design, also consider the quality. About the Europe type sofa in where? It should be no doubt about it.

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