Europe type sofa everyday how to care?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-24

there are a lot of the kinds of sofa, it's when home of choose and buy wants to know more about the function of different sofa and brand, also should choose according to their own domestic outfit style. Ou shi to decorate should match Europe type sofa is better, do you know how to care, luxury classic sofa is to want to know how to maintain sofa in the daily life, it can improve the utilization of sofa and life, to see the content.

luxury classic sofa is how do you care?

1, european-style about three kinds of cloth art sofa cleaning methods: steam cleaning, dry cleaning, washing. Steam cleaning of Europe type cloth art sofa is suitable for protecting good, no obvious stain of sofa, in a short period of time after the cleaning is dried up; Stain obvious will adopt dry bubble cleaning, dry bubble cleaning before using vacuum suction or pump will dirty dry foam adsorption on the sofa, usually need 1 to 2 or so after cleaning can be used.

2, cleaning european-style usually use cloth art sofa sofa brush, spray, suction machine, sauna machine, high temperature cleaning machine and other equipment, cleaning agent with high bubble highly-effective cleaning agent, when cleaning disinfection, give attention to two or morethings at this time is a good time to kill mites, sterilization. Washed sofa is stupid traditional cleaning methods, just as its name implies, is the water to get directly to the sofa and then with the brush friction, this method is not good, now a lot of rare sofa internal structure is fine, is immersed in water will be broken, and this method of cleaning sofa, want to dry is a not easy thing, would leave water and dry cloth.

3, misunderstandings about sofa dust will have a lot of people, think often flap can effectively out dust, let the seat to keep clean. Actually don't need to cushion often beat, regular cleaning is ok. Often pat cotton cushion makes cushion inside to play loose, lead to cushion is easy to deformation.

4, summer sunshine is good, a lot of people think that the back cushion, cushion of the sofa to bask in the sun can get rid of the bacteria on the sofa. But air is moderately, moderate drying in the sun can kill bacteria, but if long time to dry in the sun will be sofa cloth qualitative hard, brittle and thus reduce the service life of sofa sofa.

Europe type sofa is how to better care, good maintenance method can improve the service life of sofa, but also can prevent the breeding of bacteria on the couch, all these content need to understand oh.

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