Europe type sofa collocation?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-25

we detailed introduce for everybody how Europe type sofa collocation, together and see it, hope you can give help.

how Europe type sofa collocation Europe type sofa, as its name implies is the European style of sofa, in Britain, Seth d that, Italian SILK SILK, and other import brands. Europe type sofa is the granddaddy of sofa, is from the 17th century French. Due to the salon salon (at that time In French general meaning for the large living room, and especially in high-class residential luxury saloon and gradually after referring to a appreciate art crystallization at the same time, to talk about art, play CARDS and chat) The emergence of a canape called 'and' divan 'chair, also is the precursor of the modern sofa appeared.

was mainly use horsehair sofa, poultry feathers, natural elasticity materials as fillers, such as plant fluff with velvet, embroidery and other fabric masked, outside of the human body to form a soft contact surface. The noble style of Europe type sofa, need to match the same home with classic lasting appeal, to promote its unique cultural connotation and historical background. Should choose a classic lasting appeal of Europe type sofa, with a comparison with history of solid wood tea table, can make the home multiplication expensive gas, shows the dimensional feeling of nostalgia and lasting appeal is dye-in-the-wood. The laid of floor of is also very important, the floor tile of stone can be selected for laid, to highlight the peace of Europe type furniture expensive gas and wind model. At the same time, should also match the carpet of a comfortable, beautiful, elegant, can choose classic Persian carpets, make home more elegant quality.

luxury classic sofa is costly style, can match the same with noble, romantic breath, wrought iron chandelier, crystal chandelier, bring home luxuriant and beautiful visual sense. Europe type style is decorated in, little not and adornment, choose the adornment picture of primitive simplicity, atmosphere, collocation of massiness, exquisite frame and put on the wall behind the sofa, imposing manner is very immediately. Also can hang up the classical oil painting, decoration art.

the color of metope, can use of quietly elegant tonal or plain and neat wallpaper collocation, the decoration of the other works is highlighted. Bedding and curtain, also want to into consideration, the curtain can choose usu compose the tassel or lace fabric to match, add a little romance to domestic outfit quality. Above is today to introduce you to all the knowledge about how Europe type sofa collocation, can hope to be here to introduce. Although Europe type style has always been very loved by everyone, but everyone must do a detailed understanding first, and then choose the right furniture.

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