Europe type sofa and tea table?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-20

in the sitting room is big furniture should be belong to sofa and tea table, so the sofa and tea table and tie-in combination is particularly important. Now you can choose to decorate a style is varied, today we are in European style, for example, tell me, what Europe type sofa matchs tea table, Europe type sofa is good and what style of tea table.

what Europe type sofa and tea table

1, Europe type sofa can match shallow light color, tea table, can appear to suit; To choose on modelling of carve patterns or designs on woodwork wooden tea table or spelling a flower, and elegant Europe type sofa collocation, can show luxuriant feeling, suitable for classical space, create a dreamy elegant feeling.

2. If the host like classic European style, can choose real wood tea table for Europe type sofa collocation. From the type, of course, want to consider to annatto tea table, especially with wooden carve patterns or designs on woodwork or spelling a flower tea table had better, seem to be noble and affluent, suited to build European classical breath. Among them, the European classical wind to metal material in the tea table, match Europe type sofa is ideal, appear more magnificent and moving.

3, the cloth art sofa tea table of Europe type style is tie-in, should pay attention to quality and texture on the display. Can be chosen on the choice of sofa fabric, cotton fabric, match with plaid, striped pattern, feeling, simple and easy, also should choose white solid wood tea table, tea table USES low chroma, simple line and trimming round wooden manufacturing as well, the whole collocation like can give a person the sense of bath on the beach, and I will feel warm and romantic temperament, reveals the ancient civilization breath.

Europe type sofa is good and what style of tea table

1, the combination of Europe type sofa of light color log tea table with contracted style. Show luxuriant warm. Because Europe type sofa is exquisite modelling and color of mutual echo, so tea table legs and sofa armrest, tea table and sofa to place all to echo, matches the natural soft color. On the material also can choose more popular based on wrought iron and glass tea table, can be carved and wrought iron glass tea table, do not break in luxury reserved. Note on combination design space collocation, make full use of every inch of space.

2, Europe type sofa is combined with the tea table of American wind. Because American tea table not only has certain and prosperous, and full of rural amorous feelings, and the integration of Europe type sofa elegant elements, embody a sense of luxury, deserve to go up again return to natural style, the effect has a lively flavor. On the material, printed can be cloth art sofa and solid wood edge is tie-in, match the American style of tea table with dark brown, mutual reflect, shows the freedom of life.

3, luxury classic sofa sofa combination with Mediterranean style. Mediterranean style is popular in recent years, contracted the Mediterranean style of tea table is suitable for combined with the luxury classic sofa of white, light color, clear lines, can make whole collocation have amorous feelings of the beach. On the combinations of furniture, although mainly master hobby and feeling, but in some large directional selection, still wants be particular about some principles for good. Especially some style bedroom obviously. Europe type is decorated in, for example, what luxury classic sofa matchs tea table will have certain standards, not too casual.

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