Europe type sofa?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-25

at present many families will choose to buy cloth art sofa. Compared with the leather sofa, cloth art sofa is more high cost performance, more can be accepted by ordinary people, so how about Europe type cloth art sofa, don't know before you ever know? What is cloth art sofa of choose and buy skills, want to a good sofa, is not an easy thing, told everyone down below.

Europe type cloth art sofa? High-class european-style there are several kinds of cloth art sofa on design for different household environment, this kind of cloth art sofa to household environment can have a better effect, can the household environment makes better, of course must be noticed in the choice of cloth art sofa cloth art type, select good quality fabric types can meet the needs of the household environment.

1 - combination, fix the Europe type of modern portfolio choice of cloth art sofa is household environment, because of the combination not only can be used to make cloth art sofa sofa bed, can also be used to do like this will be more comfortable sofa, can meet the needs of the household, and at the same time also can the household environment to build a better, thus to optimize the household environment.

2 - single sofa design, high-class european-style design of cloth art sofa alone is also very good, the design of the single way is usually a seat or two seats, such as high-grade sofa can also establish environment better, and also on the overall effect will be more beautiful, can highlight the characteristics of household, will make better household environment.

cloth art sofa of choose and buy what is skill? Check cloth sofa: sofa of choose and buy, should also see whether the fabrics of cloth tightly to cover internal padding, whether level off crisp, especially the two armrest and seat, back attaches to the transition nature, without gathers. If it is round and semicircle armrest, see whether smooth smooth, plump and beautiful arc. Flower pattern or grid fabric depends on whether joining together flower shape matching, square whether horizontal even vertical, not tilt or distortion.

2, sit down and give it a try and feel the seat and back Angle or back seat the radian whether waist, back, buttocks and legs bent with four parts apt; Occipital with the height of the back is appropriate, whether the armrests height with natural stretch his arms open normal consistency; Sit feeling is comfortable, whether freely when standing. Stand up and then look at the hips, back and armrest fabric have apparent relaxation and long time cannot restore. Observe the fabric and color process: arrangement of cloth art sofa in the sitting room, advice on the fabrics with thicker velvet texture or fabric sofa is preferred, on colour should pay attention to the coordinated with indoor decorate a style, this is you can choose and buy and designers to discuss. Examine the structure of sofa: before buying, you can use your hands to push around the sofa, sofa overall architecture is rigid. If there is any disturbance or noise, structure is unstable, if the sofa of choose and buy is composed of thin veneer or plywood, that is about to scrutinize whether firm adhesion between these two kinds of material, have without damage phenomenon. After Europe type cloth art sofa, see here, everyone is clear in my heart? What is cloth art sofa of choose and buy skills, we in selecting sofa, need to be aware of things very much. For consumers, no matter what kind of sofa, buy are carefully selected, the nursing of sofa also must keep up with, suggest you go to regular stores to buy.

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