Europe type sofa?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-23
Sofa design is diverse, now on the market was deeply loved by you, when it comes to Europe type sofa, believe that there are a lot of people feel very strange, for it will not be to a good sofa of choose and buy, carrying on the family's considerate care, so, the next we introduce Europe type sofa brand for you what and how the Europe type sofa, together and see it. One, what Europe type sofa brand 1, Jin Kaisha Jin Kaisha brands is a subsidiary of dongguan city hongqi furniture co. , LTD. , founded in 2000, with European classical furniture, Chinese style furniture and classical annatto furniture is given priority to, is a famous furniture enterprises in guangdong. 2, psa Peugeot furniture company is located in Beijing, its luxury classic sofa series of unique design, carving delicate, smooth lines, brand has become a high-end consumer heart big sofa. 3, Xia Chi Xia Chi furniture is Xia Ge furniture co. , LTD. Shanghai furniture brands, was founded in 2002, specialized in manufacturing the Spanish neoclassical style solid wood furniture, including Europe type sofa do manual work is delicate, with a simple atmospheric style loved by the consumers had to win. Second, Europe type sofa how Europe type sofa with Italian SILK SILK, British STVILLA Seth d the import brand as the representative, etc. Europe type sofa is the result of the 17th century French is the granddaddy of sofa. Because of absalom, was called a canape 'and' divan 'chair, which is the precursor of the modern sofa appeared. Was mainly use horsehair sofa, poultry feathers, natural elasticity materials as fillers, such as plant fluff with velvet, embroidery and other fabric masked, outside of the human body to form a soft contact surface. Europe type sofa of of primitive simplicity and elegant, not only are you tired after a nap, dreaming of leisure good place, can skillfully use it to decorate your bedroom, bring your warm harbor of primitive simplicity simple and noble and romantic amorous feelings. Classic Europe type sofa, sunshine scattered on the floor, and every detail of the fusion gives a person the feeling of a kind of quality, although feel thick, but was not a bit depressed, as if a group of lithe and graceful the LeDian like bells, ringing in the ears, and as if the west's famous 'green sleeves', woodwind duos echoed on the beam for a long time refused to disperse. The symbol of Europe type sofa is a kind of grade. It emphasizes rational pursuit of solemn and grand, harmony, peace, the pursuit of gorgeous of romanticism, decorative, or infinite pursuit of irrational fantasy, drama and passion. Usually, the outline of Europe type sofa and various turning part is composed of symmetry, rich rhythm curve or surface, and decorative Mosaic gold-plated copper decorations. About the Europe type sofa brand whole knowledge of what and how the Europe type sofa is to introduce you to here, Europe type sofa brand has a lot of, when you in choosing the first introduce to the market, shop around, hope you can choose to admire in the heart of Europe type sofa.
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