Europe type furniture of choose and buy and maintenance

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-01

modern furniture wholesale and join: Europe type furniture of choose and buy and maintenance. European style furniture price is high, in order to buy gratified flexibly european-style furniture, the choose and buy when we try to pay attention to the design is elegant, some inferior European classical style furniture, appear very rigid modelling style, especially the classical performance of some typical details, such as arc or whirlpool decoration is poor.

in order to keep the furniture surface if brightness is new for a long time, should avoid long-term exposure to the sun. At ordinary times not to be too cold or overheating items directly placed in the surface of furniture, also do not use sharp or at the bottom of the coarse items placed on the surface of the furniture directly, not to mention the organic solvent used directly on the surface of the table. Hardware decoration ( Including plating) Only need to use dry cloth gently, do not use detergent containing chemical substances, avoid by all means is clean with acidic liquid gold plated parts, such as appear more difficult to remove the black spots on the surface of the gold plating, can use kerosene to wipe, clean.

in addition, pay attention to the material, the European classical style furniture must makes material have boldness of vision. Pay attention to the sealing side of the merits of the materials, pay attention to the sealing side have the phenomenon of uneven, cock. When choosing, we can see the door of furniture, drawers joint clearance, if the gap is big, coarsely, after a long time will deformation; We can see furniture material from hinge slot and hole drilling.

if furniture surface is dirty, before cleaning the furniture, should be with a feather duster, soft surface dust cleaner, and then gently with a soft cloth to wipe, can be stained with a small amount of water or a little detergent to clean up. For panel, can periodically with furniture detailer for processing, and to keep the cabinet put oneself in another's position inside clean.

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