Europe type cleaning cloth art sofa?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-25

europeans are more romantic, this is what the Chinese have desire, but because of limits of various conditions won't have time to go to Europe for a journey, so people in the process of decorating the house, in order to be able to see Chinese amorous feelings, all day just chose the European style of cloth art sofa, this article will introduce you to Europe type cloth art sofa? Europe type cleaning cloth art sofa?

Europe type cloth art sofa cleaning?

1, cloth art sofa is very fragile, so on the cleaning needs is very exquisite, because on impulse just hurry, otherwise could ruin the beautiful sofa, now that dare to produce on the market of cloth art sofa, so sure there will be follow-up about cleaning services market. Now many businesses will be aimed at some problems in this, to conduct research to create a better solution, such as special cleaning cloth art sofa machine can be provided to the consumers to buy, and cloth art sofa dry cleaners, it is very convenient choice, and the price is moderate, to afford the people of Europe type cloth art sofa is the price and is not a problem, it just don't have to deal with in cloth art sofa is dirty.

2, and second how Europe type cloth art sofa cleaning, it also has requirements of detergent, can't use normal detergent, has special cloth art sofa detergents on the market, we are free to choose a different brand, also can go to doping some stains of detergent effect is better. Don't try very hard to wash with water, sofa easy bibulous cause internal damage to the rotten phenomenon.

Europe type cloth art sofa?

1, the structure of the selected sofa and sofa, consumers can use hand to push around the sofa, the sofa whether overall architecture firm. If feel is a shaking or a sound, explain structure is firm. Slide push sofa, whether freely, screw is full. If sofa is composed of thin veneer or plywood, will scrutinize whether cement between these two kinds of material, with or without damage phenomenon. Especially the sofa of steel structure, welding is a key to open to open the part as far as possible, more to see clearly, in order to avoid loose sedentary after the collapse. If it is wooden cloth art sofa, the main body frame part of the general structure of mortise, if found all nail assemble into internal framework, can never buy.

2, pay attention to the consumers should pay attention to the hidden part of sofa, furniture stores in commonly introduced products have introduced their own strengths. For those who avoided content, such as sofa sponge, if feel is uneven, or sit down without flexibility, careful buy this sofa. Second, pay attention to some details, such as exposed metal accessories for metal burr, acute; Whether the armrest of sofa, the phenomenon of the high and low not neat, etc.

should be paid attention to when the choose and buy of cloth art sofa, the sofa seat, back set appropriate for looping structure, high-grade generally have cotton lining cloth art sofa, the other is easy to dirty parts should be change.

sofa fabric should be more thick, the g is 300 g/square meters more durable, and must ensure that the friction surface can't afford the ball more than 12000 times. Just look at the text content, presumably should know the Europe type cloth art sofa? Europe type cleaning cloth art sofa? Now the brand of sofa is more, people must choose normal when the choose and buy brand, and going to the store to buy, they also will be a free door-to-door service, give you save a lot of time, in addition to cloth art sofa, be sure to maintain it.
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