Egg chair isn't brought my foot

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-09
Engaged in the furniture industry or soft outfit design friends, to contemporary and contracted furniture must not unfamiliar, but if the detailed to the product, but a lot of people are not particularly understand, like a modern furniture is a furniture, called the egg chair, egg chair might hear a lot of people, but not a lot of people really understand, such as egg chair with feet? Such as egg chair built-in what material do you use? And so on. Today we let us together to understand the process of egg chair and construct, really understand the egg chair is there with a foot. Egg chair is by the Danish designer Jacobsen designed in 1958, when the product is designed to Copenhagen royal hotel lobby, so the egg chair is very suitable for use in hotel, not only because of his creative structure, but also because he is practical. Special egg chair structure, generally is used alone, but he does have two parts, is part of the chair, is part of the pedal, bring down because at the time of use can be use as a deck chair. Egg chair material basically has: external fabrics, general use leather or wool flannel; Inside the embryo, the embryo using FRP, many manufacturers to reduce costs with wire; The built-in sponge, general use high density sponge; Generally use the polished aluminium feet, the feet.
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