Egg chair grade furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-02

grade furniture egg chair is a famous designer Arne Jacobsen designed, design the year in 1958, as the egg chair of many grade furniture furniture designer imitate designs, grade furniture egg chair design concept also often appear in furniture textbooks.

classic Egg Chair, English called Egg Chair, was half a century has been one of the world's bestselling classic style, the use of billet is glass fiber reinforced plastic, in stereotypes sponges, outer layer is the import wool flannel or import genuine leather ( Import wool flannel color variety, imported leather including red, black, white, brown) , all made by hand, with functions of cyclotron, whole looks elegant. Egg chair it organic shapes, the best comfort, unique shape and form of personal space and chair rapidly throughout the world, is considered the most typical Scandinavian design. Abroad many interviews to sit is egg chair, rich man sat on a lot of movie is it, such as fashion king, spider-man. Grade furniture also is very popular in China, the egg chair in from variety show super speaker judges sit stool to 30 rock used are grade furniture egg chair, in the recent television series, kingspec hand zhuo for home use egg chair, it is Andy lau, jay Chou's private furniture.
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