Eat desk and chair of the standard size

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-09

every family will buy the eat desk and chair, because is must to use when you eat, but eat desk and chair, both brand and size are all have a lot of kinds, so people eat desk and chair of the matters need attention when the choose and buy is more, the following is a brief introduction of the size of the eat desk and chair for you.

eat desk and chair of the common size is what?

1。 Eat desk and chair of the common size reference:

( 1) High table: 750 & ndash; 790毫米;

( 2) High chair: 450 & ndash; 500mm;

( 3) Two round diameter: 500 mm, 800 mm and 900 mm for four, and five of them in 1100-1100 mm, six 1250 mm, 1300 mm and 10 people l500mm eight people, 12 people on the 1800 mm;

( 4) The two side table size: 700 & times; 850 ( mm) , four people & 1350 times; 850 ( mm) , eight people 2250 & times; 850 ( mm) ;

( 5) Table wheel diameter: 600 & ndash; 800 mm (distance between the table The seat of 500 mm) Should be greater than 500.

1070 mmx760mm rectangular table and 2. 760 mmx760mm square table is a common table size. If the chair into the bottom of the table, even very small corner can also put a table for six people who, when have dinner need to pull out some of the dining room table. The standard size is 760 mm, the width of the table at least not less than 700 mm, or sitting for table is too narrow and feet when they met together. The foot of the table is concentrated in the middle, best if the four legs of table design in the four corners will be very inconvenient. Table height is 710 mm, the eat desk and chair height is 415 mm. Desktop lower, meal of food on the table to see more clearly.

3。 Common table size: 12:18008, 13004 people, 9006 people, 110010 people, 1500 round table 4:850 - 1000 four square table 4 people long table: long: greater than 1300 width: 800 - 8506 people long table: length: 1400 - 1500 width: 800 - 8502 people long table: length: 800 - 850, width: 650. Unit: cm

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