Drag a lounge chair in the balcony, enjoy the sun

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-27

this season most appropriate enjoy sunshine. In the morning pull open curtain, sunshine unceremoniously into the room; His enthusiasm as reunited friends, just to hug you in my arms, straight to your warm a thoroughly. Sun linger in our balcony, bedroom, sitting room, until our heart all occupied, then completely conquered. Can't afford to lose the sunshine in my life, the in the mind also can not live without the sun, we willingly captured by her, was she loved and loving. If I have nothing to do, drag a deck chair on the balcony; Prepare a cup of tea, a book, read a paragraph to taste, then close your eyes for a moment meditation; Sunshine, sweet, elegant, is this not a kind of enjoyment. Can also be simply lay in the bed by the window, a body of sunshine in the body. Half a day in the past, the body, the quilt, whole room, has a strong flavor of sunshine.

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