Double the size of the sofa and maintenance methods

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-03

now double a designer sofa has a universal, standard twin sofa size on the peripheral width is in commonly 140 cm & ndash; 200 cm depth: 70 cm 90cm。

general suite with a double sofa often often with two one sofa or three people, two people a man and a bit like collocation, double the size of the sofa is suitable for the space area in place about 10 square meters. If process good double sofa of colour and lustre is very good, the details of the design will be very careful. For the choose and buy, double the size of the sofa will be different, so to undertake choosing according to the size of the room, double the design of a sofa in addition to the size to see sofa, the collocation of color and space. Judge the sofa of the simplest way is to sit on it for a while, good sofa sits down almost feel the presence of sofa, but you can feel the comfort of a sofa. Double sofa maintenance is: 1, 2, avoid direct sunlight, avoid close to the fire, heat source 3, keep ventilated 4, avoid deformation may be affected with damp be affected with damp, even smear the heavier, also should choose cleaner, emperor double sofa furniture reveal customer pursuit of fashion and generous, elegant and warm comfortable life taste.
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