Don't let the new buy office furniture smell affect your mood!

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-31
We purchase back office furniture can have peculiar smell, while placing the taste will disappear for a period of time, but just use the time taste or difficult to endure. Just buy office furniture can have the formaldehyde and the smell of paint, we all know that after the new decorating houses, not immediately, because had just finished decorating the house there are a lot of formaldehyde has harm to people's health, the furniture is to teach you today? How can quickly remove the smell. Effective fast purify new furniture smell method: 1, right turn not directly dry wall on the top of the side Windows for ventilation, and then with a container, such as basin may be small bucket filled with cold water, add a moderate amount of vinegar in a ventilated office furniture and open the door. Do so not only can the proper amount of transpiration moisture protection wall coating surface, and can eliminate residual odor absorption; 2, plant elimination method: many of the plant is capable of absorbing formaldehyde plant cactus, bracketplant, fu lang ( Also called African chrysanthemum) , reeds, ivy, cycas, chrysanthemum, etc; While eliminate the flowers and plants of xylene with ivy, cycas, chrysanthemum, etc. ; Such not only can eliminate peculiar smell, can also make the air fresh together; 3, activated carbon elimination method: activated carbon can adsorb formaldehyde, although can cut down the harm to human body, but also it is difficult to remove formaldehyde, so this method small make up recommend long-term use, can also buy some activated carbon back to late for; 4, tea bar maybe tea elimination method: conditional friend can find tea farmers to buy some tea bar, tea bar can be sprinkled on the appearance of office furniture and drawer, it also can be a very good remove peculiar smell. Because it is directly in the office furniture appearance so for the quality of the tea without any requirements; 5, activated carbon adsorption method: solid activated carbon has the characteristics of the pore number, can effective adsorption and decomposition of formaldehyde and other harmful substances, and the smaller the particle adsorption effect of active carbon, the better. Although the adsorption effect of activated carbon to formaldehyde, obviously, but according to the size of the space so different place the amount of activated carbon is also different. Also need to be replaced after activated carbon adsorption to a certain extent; 6, fruit: lemon in the fruit can not only absorb peculiar smell, and can make the air fresh. But when cleaning, should pay attention to how to do a good job of maintenance of office furniture in detail place, to avoid because not clean up after wiping, and make the office furniture mildewed or leave hidden trouble for future use; 7, indoor air purifier: there are special market now in addition to formaldehyde air purifier, mainly for bridal chamber decorates the crowd. This method for office furniture odor removal effect is good.
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