Domestic outfit design characteristics of the modern country style

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-25

each decoration design style has their own logo, such as pure white + woodiness metope can say is a sign of the Nordic contracted style, so, the modern country style home design features what sign? How to build natural simple rustic style?

design characteristics of a modern country style: give priority to with light color

color as far as possible choose white, pink, pink, light yellow, pink is green, rice, Dan zi, etc. , avoid too dark color arrangement.

modern country style design features two: towards natural wind less complex vulture act the role ofing

if you choose the furniture of light color or dyed white, avoid too the line carve of heavy and complicated, with natural give priority to.

modern country style design features three: blue and white stripe item layout

if you want to create a sailor blue Nordic country wind, can choose a few pieces of blue and white stripes, can feel the atmosphere.

modern country style design features four: white and pink proportion to proper

the ratio between the white and pink, hold to the right, give priority to with white, fabric is pink; And vice versa, if background space for pink, furniture is given priority to with white.

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