Domestic marble table how to choose and buy?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-04

a kind of marble stone material that is an outfit, it is limestone or dolomite through action of high temperature and high pressure inside the earth's crust formation of the metamorphic rocks and minerals are mainly calcite, main component is given priority to with calcium carbonate, which accounts for about 50%. Because of its high hardness, long service life, it is not easy deformation, the magnetization characteristics of consumers love. At the same time, also has the characteristics of stable not easy deformation, marble and rich, natural beauty and coherence in writing, but also easy to processing molding, so widely used, marble mesa application in domestic outfit, table and ambry mesa, bathroom mesa, ground, column, etc. Marble also has shortcomings, however, such as the gap is bigger, is relatively easy to break, and the hardness is low, ground surface easy to loss, also easy to weathering, etc.

when it comes to the table in the restaurant, tables have all sorts of material on the market, marble table is one of them. Marble table and beautiful atmosphere, but the price is slightly more expensive, for friends like marble table, when the choice must be dessert. Below small make up to introduce you to the marble table to use it and how to choose and buy the marble table.

domestic marble table skills of choose and buy

1, the amount of size

stone size specifications, lest affect splicing, or cause splicing patterns, decorative pattern, line after deformation, influence the effect.

2, see material pledge

the so-called see material pledge not only depends on the marble table, also depends on the material of other parts of the marble table, is the high quality wood or ordinary plastic, etc. , are all need to pay special attention to when buy. In general, the finest marble stone, with uniform fine material structure looks have qualitative feeling. Pay special attention to cracks in the stone image, once found in inside this image will be out, because it is easy to break, but to distinguish the cracks and decorative pattern.

3, view the surface

when the choose and buy a closer look at the surface of the sample, the sample should be like a silky smooth surface, no acerbity feeling, no obvious uneven feeling. Uniform color, pure not muddy, the surface has no similar plastic colloid feeling, plank opposite without tiny pores; With fingernails scraping plate surface, no obvious scratches.

4, work

work fit and unfit quality directly affects the quality of the marble table. Good marble table shows that feels fine and smooth, even also won't appear any scratch gently strokes. And the surface of the marble is high gloss, close figure. If it is Mosaic products, also can see embedded parts will not have any inappropriate. For consumers to buy, do manual work is an important factor to judge the marble table price.

5, listen to the voice

the same two pieces of samples on each other, not easily broken. And listen to their voice, in general, good quality stone the knocking sound is ringing pleasing to the ear; On the contrary, if the stone within slight fracture or become loose contact between particles, as a result of weathering, tapping rough. Looking at whether a good big marble table, we use our hands to knock when the sound is sweet, crisp texture differred too rough marble table instead.

6, experiment

used experimental method to identify, usually on the stone drops on the back of a small grain of ink, such as ink one soon, namely that exist within the stone loose particles or aperture, stone material quality is bad. Conversely, if ink drips to be not moved in place, explain stone material quality of a material is good.

7, look at the price

to buy marble table of the last step is the marble table price quickly. Price and workmanship, whether the material is a key factor to judge whether it is worth buying. Now in the market of the marble table of the price range from several hundred yuan to thousands of yuan, when consumer is buying must various understanding, to make the most accurate judgment.

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