Do you know the brand solid wood furniture deformation crack is faulty

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-09
Usually cracking will only appear in the brand solid wood furniture solid wood furniture, board type furniture does not exist the problem of craze. Solid wood furniture cracking have close relationship with furniture manufacturing process. Crack due to improper manufacturing process, divided into two kinds of material itself, cracking and structural crack. Because real wood material itself has the characteristics of the drying shrinkage is wet bilge, in order to avoid cracking furniture, in the process of manufacture can use tools to artificial drying of wood, to ensure that the average balance moisture content in 8% 12%. While structural cracking is closely related to the wood drying shrinkage is wet bilge rate, usually goes through the process to control in the manufacturing process, to ensure that the drying shrinkage is wet bilge rate. Solution: in order to avoid buying furniture, to easy to crack when buying furniture can ask for details of the seller of drying rate for solid wood furniture material? Contrast standard is in the range. The personage inside course of study points out, some furniture surface will appear some similar to the trace of fracture, this belongs to the normal phenomenon, consumers do not too worry. If the cracking problem in use process, can be ordered consulting businesses after-sales maintenance. In addition, the need to ensure that real wood furniture in a room with a certain humidity is used. Brand solid wood furniture deformation is usually caused by three reasons. Furniture material the dry degree of deformation is directly related with furniture, this is also the main reason. The personage inside course of study introduces, each manufacturer of wood dry index, the moisture content has strict requirements, if not up to standard is prone to deformation phenomenon in the later use. The characteristics of wood drying shrinkage is wet bilge also easily lead to deformation of furniture. However, nowadays this is rare phenomenon. Because the present brand enterprise production process has been very mature, in the process of production by technology can effectively control the stability of the good wood. Another cause of the deformation of furniture is improper use. If long-term or mesa edge placed heavy items on furniture, too force, deformation, can cause furniture furniture dumping, damage and even furniture, this also is the most common problems. For example, on top of the wardrobe furniture such as heavy pressure, time is long can make the cupboard door bulges, cupboard door closed lax wait for a phenomenon. Solution: when buying furniture, asked the salesman detailed material drying rate clearly, and see if any testing report. In addition, every kind of furniture is equipped with product specification, advised consumers to read carefully in advance to do proper use. Remember, in the process of using furniture, do not place heavy objects. Wardrobe avoid pile up too much, for example, clothes, avoid over cupboard door. Relevant tags: brand solid wood furniture
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