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by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-09
Now the sham as the genuine of bedroom furniture brand market phenomenon is serious, and the quality of the solid wood wardrobe, but not every ordinary consumers can easily identify. So, solid wood wardrobe exactly how to choose? The bedroom furniture brand first see is panel. Panel is divided into base material and material, in terms of base material, the main products on the market can be divided into medium density board and solid particle board. Solid wood particle board stability in the two materials is high, medium density board density is small, holding nail force is weak, namely if hang clothes hang lever in the long run, it's easy to loose. About the move of the wardrobe door material, yu tao furniture advocate consumers use solid wood particle board, because real wood particle board is wood into clastic pressure, look from the cross section these debris is like tea, wood and MDF is melted into a pressing and become, compared the two, the permeability of wood particle board, moistureproof performance is better. Panels now most products are with double act the role ofing, if the product quality closes nevertheless, panel under the irradiation of sunlight yellow, with the naked eye can not see the difference between ordinary consumers, the best way is still a recognized brand. And other products, solid wood wardrobe plank thickness also must meet certain standards. Modern society, with the rising of the quality of life, people gradually began to pursue 'green' household environment, the solid wood wardrobe, too, the 'environmental health' performance gradually become the focus of attention. Relevant tags: bedroom furniture
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