Direct sunlight for a long time to the influence of solid wood furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-23
Direct sunlight for a long time to make the wood inside the water out of balance, causing cracks. If want to maintain an 40% humidity at the same time, for a long time in air conditioning room, should be the next to a glass of water, or use a humidifier, also should avoid air conditioning switch frequently, causing temperature change is too big. At ordinary times not to overheat the items directly on the furniture, also take care not to touch the volatile liquid, destroys the furniture and wax on the surface of the paint. At ordinary times when wiping with soft cotton cloth or resilient brush brush, metal and hard brush. Every three months last wax, don't cry because it is beautiful and waxing, so will the wool stoma block of wood. Need to calm, composed, traditional Chinese from the display to the planning study, from color to furniture material, show the characteristics of the static, so deep, also many modern people's love. But the color of Chinese style furniture is heavier, also easy in a dull, dark. So the study of Chinese style had better have the window of large area, let airiness, introduce natural light and outdoors scene. At the same time, let's see which used in the study of modern Chinese style furniture often. , projects - - A typical traditional desk drawer, and projects without the drawer. Also some people directly to projects used as a table. Once upon a time custom furniture woodworking are invited to your house, designed specifically for users of height. So the height factor should consider when we choose and buy now. The chair - - All previous dynasties since no chair, specially designed for the study is the most common fauteuil and four government-owned cap chair. Generally speaking, choose to have armrest chair is more comfortable. Couch - - - - - - - Once upon a time in addition to the desk and projects, also will buy a bed for a nap. Can now play a movable table, on the couch can read some easy books here, or entertain friends, chat over a cup of tea. After bidding bookshelf, - - Antique shelf besides books, also suit to put some of their favorite place adorn article. As for the small to go out of fashion book cabinet, the ancient book boxes is now used in the study and collect tea set is good also. Former interface than wood is rattan furniture, rough materials such as hemp, can now be combined with all kinds of cushions and pillows, not only let the study add color, also more comfortable to sit on. Furniture brand solid wood furniture use time long will produce crack? Internal crack is often referred to as honeycombing. Wood drying inside crack produced in the late and sometimes produced in dry material storage period, it is usually not easy to found from plate external, but more serious when, can be judged from the material surface concave phenomenon. Internal crack is usually caused by tensile stress in inner layer of wood. Then, real wood wood furniture factory is specific to you talk about the internal causes of crack. At the early stages of the wood drying, the wood surface under the action of tensile stress, not only to produce for elastic deformation, residual deformation (at the same time also have done Plastic deformation) , of course, this is mainly due to the size of the residual deformation of the outer wood is greater than the size of the free shrinkage. By the end of dry, lining the moisture content of lumber will drop to below fibre saturation point, at this time the inner wood began to shrink, but as a result has done the limitation of the outer layer of wood not free shrinkage, so in contrary to the early stage of the drying material stress, namely the inner tension lumber, outer wood compression. If the tensile stress in the inner layer than the tensile strength of horizontal grain of lumber, the timber organization will be torn, the internal crack of wood remains to be produced. Relevant tags: dining room furniture
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