Dining-room furniture collocation?

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-03

1, the color of the restaurant furniture and home environment to form an organic whole

color brings visual experience is very important, also lead people to the change in mood in different colors. Such as in entertainment, leisure is relatively strong environment, colorful and changeable color can let a person to relax completely. And places of entertainment such as bars, KTV often give a person dazzling gorgeous, and changing the endless impression it is for this reason. 。 Or deep black easily give ZhuangChongSu, mourinho's serious and formal feeling, deep black in the office or conference room environment is good.

restaurant is a family reunion, to the place of the dinner party. Restaurant furniture should be in orange color theory, Liz is lubricious, classic walnut color, rice white and light grey, relaxing and easy color to give priority to increase appetite. But restaurant furniture in whole bedroom environment, should consider its colour collocation and screen, smallpox, droplight, floor tile harmonious collocation.

family is private personal space, the decoration is not as fancy as places of public entertainment, give a person leave a loose, not serious attitude to life, but not like the office environment to brunet department create a solemn and serious stereotypes. So restaurant furniture color with the surrounding environment of color is not more than three, and three colors than should be nearly as much as possible.

2, restaurant furniture volume are subject to the size of the space

restaurant furniture collocation to be carried out in accordance with the display size. Just like the body squat, people try to buy small clothes, tall people want to buy a large garment. Restaurant is not fixed space, different door model and decorate a style, dining-room space size is not the same. Space a lot of restaurants, try to choose large dining room furniture, heavy wide restaurant normally don't need to move furniture, heavy large dining room furniture in addition to use comfortable, beautiful, but also avoid the top-heavy, empty is not harmony. Smaller dining-room space area, choose light weight, small volume of contemporary and contracted style restaurant furniture, both reflect the environment exquisite and orderly, and effective use of space. Dining-room furniture small volume light weight to move at any time. When repast number is less, can receive furniture to enlarge a space environment.

3, restaurant furniture to decorate a style to a harmonious collocation

domestic outfit style into contemporary and contracted style, natural style, traditional style, modern style, post-modern style, mixed style, European style, Chinese classical style and so on many forms. Different types of dining room furniture, representing different regions, different time, different national cultural connotation. Dining-room furniture culture and home culture is unified, on behalf of the master art grade, interests, cultural literacy.

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