Different styles of home accessories

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-05

today to introduce the contracted style, Jane Europe, European three different household to deserve to act the role of the point.

as a result of the contracted household style simple line, less decorative elements, so deserve to act the role of in place is the key to the contracted style home decoration. Contracted household style of indoor furniture, ornaments and the choice of lamps and lanterns should start from the overall design. The choice of furniture to comply with the habits and characteristics of the body, the lamplight of the bedroom lamplight must pay attention to the different effect to organically, exhibit the Settings of the outstanding personality and aesthetic feeling as much as possible. Deserve to act the role of choice as far as possible simple, there is no need to seem to be rich, and placed some of the larger volume of decorations, give priority to with practical and convenient.

simple, abstract, lively is Jane deserve to act the role of the obvious characteristics of the style. Jane European style with the combination of modern furniture, decorative, decorous grade reflects the homeowners. Indoor colour is not much, generally not more than three colors, and color is given priority to with block. Choice of the curtain, carpet and bed leather is cable, grain appearance with two side or four consecutive continuous and simple abstraction, refused to baroque heavy and complicated. Other indoor decoration requirements of modelling concise, colour is unified.

European classical style deserve to act the role of characteristic is gorgeous, elegant, give a person a kind of resplendent and magnificent feeling. Furniture table legs, the back of the chair in the place such as gentle, quiet and tastefully laid out and is often used with the fancy texture of classicism, luxurious flowers classical design, and the famous Persian design. In addition, multiple knit Roman curtain, elegant style of candle holders, oil painting, hang a picture and art crystal lamp ornaments can perfectly display the style characteristics. European classical style space adornment often restoring ancient ways and the atmosphere, fully display space of luxury.

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