Different furniture moistureproof tips

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-05

a lot of people have little skill, maintenance of furniture as the furniture moistureproof everyone have their own original ideas, the maintenance of different furniture also is different, the following to introduce the moistureproof tip under different furniture.

the first wooden furniture, all the furniture, wooden furniture moistureproof should be most concerned about, although will be moistureproof processing wood furniture can be in before they leave the factory, but after redemptive home, after a few months will start moistureproof, like wax protection is one of the good method, can go to the store to buy some wooden furniture line protection wax the moistureproof processing.

the second metal furniture, metal furniture water easy to rust, but metal furniture and easy to maintain, need to often use dry cloth to wipe the can, so have to as long as the metal furniture is often to wipe, note moistureproof, if there is corrosion, usable with dish cloth or brush brush anti-rust agent, then use dry cloth to polish, if it is found that the surface has damage to repair professional repair paint, or make a phone call to ask the factory should be how to care.

the third cloth art furniture, cloth art furniture care more difficult, strong water absorption, easy to stick dust to make dirty cloth art furniture, moistureproof method: buy a special vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaner, maintenance of cloth art furniture has a crucial role, to clean the dust suction vacuum first, then use towel to cloth art furniture on the back of the handle.

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