Different furniture choice have differences

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-29

there are many kinds of furniture, furniture of each of the materials used are different, so different also has the difference between the choice of furniture, furniture installation quality, quality qualified, serious excitant odour cannot buy furniture, etc. , these same place I not introduce one here, because today is about different choices of different furniture, below as far as we know the difference between different furniture.

1, to contact with us in life the most should be the bed and sofa, I'm from bed and sofa is introduced first. Choose the bed and sofa, appearance is important, but should pay attention to surface must level off, rugged, easy to deformation of the body; Soft hard to even, rather than the hard, that piece of soft; Hardness is moderate, neither too hard nor too soft, hard uncomfortable, soft words easy to make oneself of the spinal cord damage. When choosing to try to sit or lie down on the sofa and bed, watching the spring will not ring ring, ring the spring, I will not reasonable arrangement, note also that the elastic, high and low, size, etc.

2, wooden furniture, wooden furniture here refers to the solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture belongs to natural material, it is easy to aging, thermal deformation, imitation wood furniture and furniture of solid wood furniture can be the difference between a transverse to the preliminary identification, generally for solid wood furniture with natural texture ( Does not rule out imitation wood texture) technology is very mature and can produce , wooden furniture is easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp, so the moisture content is not high, the moisture content need measurement instrument for this we don't need to buy, can be painted on the wood not sprinkle a little water, if you don't spread and spread slowly or, shows that the moisture content is high, you can also use hand touch furniture base or has no place to paint on the inside, if feel feel damp, moisture content is above 50% at least.

3, board type furniture, panel furniture generally depends on the quality, such as the gross of desk, chair, ark, should choose relatively strong, can bear the weight of quality closes nevertheless easy to bending deformation and quite insecure, and table should be washable, kitchen, bathroom cabinet can't do with fiberboard, and should use plywood, because fiberboard swells, under the influence of water damage.

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