Development trend of integrated furniture highlights, 'whole house custom integration' concept to deepen

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-10-24

with the rise of personality customization consumption throughout the custom industry still has a great development space in the future. And according to relevant research institutes, China has 400 million families, each city has more than 50000 each year to his new family, new home furniture consumption for an average of 50000 yuan. In the next five years, China's overall household consumption will reach 8 trillion yuan, the traditional sales of finished product furniture will fell, but custom class consumption is expected to be continued to grow at an annual rate of 20%.

however, custom industry after years of rapid growth, not only has given rise to Sophia, shang pin home delivery, Europe clique, Hollywood and 5 large custom giant Noah and also spawned many lower-tier customized brand. Giant in 2016 between the pattern of the threat of war, the story of 'the big fish eat small fish' intensified in second - and third-tier cities. For custom business, the future not only for those routes, and dare to be first. Currently on the market whether custom whole house, or the overall customized, or custom home, are you the 'nickname'. Combined with Sophia in 2016 half annals, we r for custom industry will become the trend of The Times. Why, on the one hand, is due to consumers' demand for one-stop custom; The other aspect, is also a custom brand the result of the competition strategy of the 'single value maximization.

in fact, each big brand everybody has been in full swing in the layout. Card industry's biggest Noah 3000 m2 custom household experience pavilion, open operation have been completed, as early as a few years ago after the sent in guangzhou first whole house custom household Ma also officially put into operation, the future will see more of the country's aircraft carrier stage everyone experiences in building.

in the future, the whole household industries related to cooperate more closely, formed a complete system overall home outfit, 'whole house custom integration' will perform a more in-depth, custom furniture, finished product furniture, electrical appliances, soft adornment in coordination with domestic outfit building materials into one trend gradually enhanced. Custom integration not only stay in the most basic content of the combination of the level, and the influence of the communion between each other all sorts of things will be more in-depth, escalating, perfecting the whole household system, custom furniture will be to develop in the direction of humanity, intelligent, network, etc. At the same time, along with people the philosophy of life that occupy the home and lifestyle changes, custom furniture besides emphasize the basic function such as shape and functional, its content will be more rich or change, integration of household system will be the bearer of the people all the life ideal. Traditional household to open XiangShouXing shift, for example, is no longer the traditional form, but a collection of cooking, entertainment, leisure, party, study and communication in the integration of multi-functional living space. At this point, the customer when choosing custom furniture, it is not just for the sake of simple cooking and storage, more is to experience and enjoy life.

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