Dermal sofa why crack?

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-17

a lot of people like leather, so buy a sofa when considering whether to buy leather sofas, leather sofas, after all, looks really is high-end atmosphere, but you will find a problem after purchase: cracking. Dermal sofa why crack for no reason? Believe that everyone want to know the ins and outs of leather cracking, jas emperor below small make up to explain to you.

why dermal sofa cracking

into the inside of the leather grease in natural state, use after a long time will slowly volatilization loss, or for other reasons lead to the oil film is destroyed, such as hydrolysis often wipe with water and the water, cause the damage of the oil film, the oil volatilization loss in skin, make the leather interior fiber and fiber stick together each other, so that cortical brittle, harden.

the head skin leather sofa, the more pore permeability is, the better, but also the most easy to put on the surface of things into the skin absorption, so if often water clean, or use the bad maintenance and cleaning products, will be sucked into the skin pore, buy this is less than half a year of dermal sofa began to wrinkle harden cracking reasons.

if leather sofa placed in the sun to the place, then use leather care lotion for maintenance. Otherwise it will cause oil volatilization loss at high temperatures, leather easy to harden.

that is why crack ins and outs of the dermal sofa, after everybody looked, the believe there should be more understanding.

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