Dermal sofa sitting room how to do

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-30
Dermal sofa is a symbol of nobility, the sitting room atmosphere, then, how to do home leather sofa can make them durable some?

1。 Even use each seating

the sitting room should avoid on dermal sofa when using sitting in the same position, should try to average using the full range of each seating of the sofa. Regular use can make a seating sofa present the appearance of the imbalance, make sofa shorten service life.

2。 Avoid friction jeans

to prolong use fixed number of year, the dermal sofa suggest don't wear jeans at home, because of the cowboy cloth is rough and easy fade, the leather has serious loss phenomenon.

3。 Often pat leather

sofa leather wrinkle is sitting for a long time there will be a natural phenomenon, often take the whole can be slow. Take the whole way is to use both hands in the sitting room slapping on dermal sofa leather, its force Angle slightly outwards and then pull the whole leather leather can be by hand.

finally want to remind everybody is, the sitting room of dermal sofa of choose and buy, try to sit down and elasticity, and identify the cortical grain is natural, buy a high quality leather sofa above all maintenance skills.

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