Dermal sofa price?

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-17

as the saying goes, a price a points goods, but for the uninitiated, often spent a large amount of money, but not necessarily will be able to find a good place to buy leather sofa. How to determine the leather sofa price?

is also a leather sofa, the price differs very big. Mr Li is a brand furniture store manager, has been in operation in the production of leather sofa factory. He said $, four dermal sofa on the market most are false. We can according to the market to sell bag price, a small leather bag how much money you can think of a leather sofa price to sell how many money? The cost price of a leather sofa is bigger now, thousands of each link to add some money, to the customer will be higher, how could a leather sofa price only four?

in some cheap furniture stores, are all in the name of dermal sofa, price, WuLiuQian vary, but in some brand furniture stores, a leather sofa price the cheapest is $10000. That exactly those cheap leather sofa and sofa what's the difference? Main reason is that making low sofa leather of actual composition is of all kinds of leather scraps or scraps and artificial materials or finished products. You say it is not genuine leather can really is woven or knitted material, said it's leather is a bit far-fetched. But the cost is lower than the dermal sofa a lot.

when choosing leather sofa, we cannot blindly pursuit of dermal sofa only low price, but from the product brand, imports of raw materials and so on comprehensive consideration.
is a must have for anyone who appreciates classic dining room furniture to the greatest extent.
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