Dermal sofa maintenance tips: can't scrub with water

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-18

leather sofa maintenance tips: can't scrub with water. If there are some stains on dermal sofa, how doesn't wash off, what's the clever way to clean up?

emperor dermal sofa, two Suggestions: first: dermal sofa to buy after I get home, first put a layer of protective film on the sofa with maintenance wax, lest dirt, perspiration permeated the sofa in pore, the future is difficult to clean. Second: monthly maintenance throughout wax &; The sofa cleaning and maintenance once; The summer, because the people sweat more, every week should maintain at a time. Must not sofa such as dirty again after cleaning, it is hard to clean to the original sample. Moreover, many detergent of cortex are hurt, is hard to see how clean, at that time, the time is long out of the question, the real leather sofa, the cortex is very precious, like a person's skin, need maintenance, only to maintain good, your leather sofa can for a long time, such as new, to bring you the enjoyment of life. Note: 1, do not use water to wash leather sofa, after a long time can make leather harden, loss of soft feeling; 2, don't use detergent to clean sofa, it is can make leather fade; 2 it is can make leather harden; Once the sofa is dirty, be sure to please the professional domestic cleaning company for cleaning and maintenance.

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