Dermal sofa how to taste

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-16

classic imported leather sofa comfort and durability make it will never be outdated. And when we put our beloved sofa back to home, will find new leather sofa have a taste, then bought a new leather sofa how to taste?

actually very simple, you can use a moderate amount of toothpaste or lemonade brush gently put the sofa again, dry reoccupy after sofa paste evenly rub on the surface of sofa is ok. The usual care is also very simple, is to use a feather duster sweep, reoccupy wet towel wipes.

sofa maintenance notice:

1. To ensure that the bedroom is ventilated, too dry or humidity can accelerate the ageing of leather;

2。 The place that do not put in direct sunlight, also do not put in air conditioning blows straight place, this will make the leather face hardens, fade;

3。 Summer work frequently with wet dishcloth; Because summer sweat more, leather can absorb sweat pore, high temperature and humidity can make sweat in the organic compounds react with leather, easy generation peculiar smell. When brushing sofa, can't use alkaline cleaning fluid, because leather in the leather when treated with acid, and alkaline can make leather softness, use for a long time will happen knit crack. Can use pure cotton cloth or silk gently after wet wipe, wipe after be available or spray wax polish etc again, to maintain its bright and clean. If not careful the ball-point pen painting on the leather sofa, such as in the effective time wipe gently with a rubber can remove.

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