Dermal sofa cushion should be how to choose

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-30

leather sofa always give a person a kind of atmosphere, noble feeling, and not only can protect the leather sofa leather sofa cushion for leaning on, its exquisite workmanship can match with different styles of sofa, therefore, when choosing material leather sofa cushion for leaning on, should not only consider the practicality, and to consider its overall beautiful with coordination. There are a lot of dermal sofa cushion materials, cloth, sponges, spring, such as fiber is a common material. Let's look at how to choose the leather sofa cushion material.

first of all, from the point of view of collocation of beauty, because the leather sofa texture, majestic atmosphere, so with fiber cushion can match with plush cushion for leaning on in the winter, more noble and more comfortable. In general, do not recommend use cloth type sofa cushion, a sliding, the other one is the overall look is cheaper, elegant texture weakened.

in the second place, from the point of view of season, summer suits to choose linen sofa cushion, flax is a kind of pure natural materials, has a good waterproof performance, high temperature resistant, friction resistance, heat faster, very comfortable, breathable, summer can through 3 & le; The actual temperature of 4 ℃ to reduce the human body. In addition, ice cold pad silk sofa cushion and sofa cushion is summer good partners of dermal sofa cushion, ice silk cushion sofa has good air permeability, cold sofa cushion county, permeability is strong, high toughness, good processing technology. Will cool winter, leather sofa, plush, wool is a suggested alternative materials such as sofa cushion, not only beautiful and easy, comfortable and warm.

third, from the practical point of view, cotton cloth sofa cushion is a good choice, not only feel good, it is not easy to play, sitting position is also very comfortable. In addition, the same material of sofa leather cushion is also worth considering, the choice of leather cushion is easy to scrub, do not need to consider the matching problem, does not reduce the grade of sofa. But, the proposal does not choose flax, polyester fabric such as adsorption capacity is too strong, because it's easier to contact with dust.

leather sofa cushion has a variety of materials, we can according to individual be fond of, sofa style, factors such as seasonal change to choose, in a beautiful and practical shirt suits your leather sofa.

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