Dermal sofa butch, choose the right manufacturer to the key

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-16

we look at the pictures, this sofa is conform to the domestic family use family sofa, more traditional. You know how much money? We passed the time ask the customer, they said, not expensive, just more than 8000, real leather, when we think nothing is wrong, the sofa of this type if fine workmanship to around $10000, more than 8000 really is not very expensive.

but we walked past a see, found that the sofa is not real leather, but with the PU, because sofa was gone, so we looked at the internal material, found it is the use of cotton waste cotton. If bought waste is really not worth more than 8000. And then we said to the customer to buy the sofa is not worth, later want to buy this kind of sofa can change a place. We see on a sofa, the sofa not particularly applicable to at home, but he is very popular in foreign countries, the price of the leather is 7000 - Around 9000, it is by the famous architect and furniture designer Florence & middot; Noel ( Florence Knoll) In this full of sense of the future work was completed in 1954, and her other elegant and free from vulgarity, compared to design this sofa to the collocation of the appearance of beautiful, perfect materials and comfortable feeling of sitting together, whether placed in the office or leisure place, is the best option.
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need fuel for energy,while luxury classic sofa do not.
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